Impact San Antonio is a window of opportunity for the global Seventh-day Adventist young adult community (18+) to bring hope to the city.

Organized in conjunction with the General Conference Session, iSA is an initiative of the GC Youth Department, hosted by the NAD Youth Department.

Impact Europe will be our next Global Youth Ministries Congress which will convene in Stuttgart, Germany July 9-14, 2018.

Global Youth Day (GYD) an inspiring, new initiative of the General Conference’s Youth Ministries Department, is dedicated to youth and young adults spending time as the hands and the feet of Jesus in serving others. The main objectives are: to help us recapture the reality of the Seventh-day Adventist Youth as a global movement, to lead our youth to rediscover the sense of belonging to a global army, and to reaffirm mission at the heart of Global Youth Ministry. Click here to explore the many ways you can become a part of this worldwide movement of destiny.

This missionary movement calls on young adults 18 years old and over to dedicate a full year to God's service—not working, studying, or doing anything other than missionary work. In conjunction with the global SDA emphasis on reaching the cities and urban areas of our world now that more than half the population lives in these places, OYiM teams are doing outreach out of the box. From meeting in local ice cream parlors to offering cooking and online media classes for the communities, many people who have never heard of Adventists are now getting to know about us and more importantly, meeting Christ in unexpected ways. Check back soon for a new OYIM website.

HOPE Adventist Vocational College
This is an initiative of the SZC Youths

In moments when you need someone to lift you up in prayer, pray for a loved one, or lift