Global Youth Ministries Congress

Impact Europe will be our next Global Youth Ministries Congress which will convene in Stuttgart, Germany July 30-August 4, 2018.

Our Vision is: To  Equip, Empower, Engage a Generation of Spirit-Filled Leaders to pass on the Legacy of Reformation.

Our Objectives are:
  1. To Celebrate God’s grace as a global family of Adventist youth;

  2. To Reaffirm the Power of One; to foster and develop friendship, community, and global unity among the diversity of nations and cultures that our world church represents;

  3. To Embrace our destiny as heirs of the Reformation;

  4. To Focus on Leadership for all levels of youth ministry;

  5. To launch new global resources for youth ministry—Master Guides, Ambassadors,  and Young Adults;

  6. To mobilize a global Discipleship movement to extend God’s Kingdom worldwide;

  7. To re-establish Mission as a priority for global youth;

  8. To provide firsthand experience in front-line Mission and Service.


Every young person is called to leadership and needs to be there. All those currently involved in any form of youth leadership, professionals and volunteers, need to be there. All divisions, unions, conferences, churches, and educational institutions are urged to mobilize their young people and their leaders for this life-changing event.